Stealth Mode Women’s Soft Napa Leather RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

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Wallet Specifications

– 14 card slots
– 4 billfold size pockets
– Tri-fold design
– Zippered change compartment
– Color: Black with stripe
– Wallet Dimensions when folded: 7.5" x 4" x 1"
– Wallet Dimensions when open: 10.5" x 7.5" x .5"What is RFID and Why do I Need to Block It?

Credits cards, government issued personal identification cards, passports, and more are being fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. These chips act like the magnetic strip on your credit card or drivers license and are able to quickly and wirelessly transmit personal and financial data. These chips help you check out at the store faster, speed up your time at customs, and generally make your life easier.

HOWEVER, and this is big, some malicious individuals have found ways to intercept these RFID signals and steal your personal and financial information. Our RFID blocking wallets help protect you by blocking the signals that thieves are trying to steal. About RFID

There are two main types of RFID frequencies: Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF)

– LF devices operate at 125 KHz or 134 KHz and have a read distance of up to 10 cm. This is what your access card uses to let you in the door at work. LF devices tend to work more slowly than HF but are more powerful than the other two, meaning they can work through metal or other materials (like our wallet) that block LF signals.

– HF devices operate at 13.56 MHz and have a read distance of up to 1 meter. HF devices include credit cards and government issued ID cards. The lining in the Stealth Mode wallets blocks this frequency to prevent your personal and financial information from being stolen.

Stealth Mode wallets are designed to block HF signals since that is the frequency used by credit cards and government issued ID cards.

Customer Reviews

Suburb wallet!

 on June 11, 2016
By Texas Birdwatcher
I labored over the offerings and all the reviews on Amazon for leather RFID wallets and settled on this and one other brand. Both arrived the same day and I immediately loaded each up with all the cards, cash, etc I carry daily. What I initially liked about this wallet design was the see through dedicated driver’s license pocket for the times I am asked to show an id when my credit card is used. The second reason I chose this wallet was because of my preference in storing cards in a vertical position where the name or logo peeks up. I find side stored card slots aren’t as convenient for me. This wallet offers all slots in that upright position. The third reason I ordered this wallet was the reviews didn’t mention problems with pulling cards out of tight pockets. Few things annoy me more than fumbling and struggling to get my card back in my wallet when a clerk is also handing me the receipt, handing me my purchases and turning to the next customer.

I LOVE this wallet!

 on June 8, 2016
By Jen Nasluchacz
I had to order this twice due to it running out of stock. It was well worth the wait. It has ample space for other things besides cards, and the card slots are not as tight as other RFID wallets I’ve tried. I love the dual ID windows and I can remove either ID easily, but they are not so loose that the IDs will fall out. Very sturdy and decently priced. It does have a slightly oily smell to it but I’m assuming it’s a treatment to the leather. It’s not overpowering. Highly recommended.

and this one seems like it’s a long-term keeper

 on April 5, 2016
By Hamilton
A+ – Soft supple leather, but thick and durable.


 on May 7, 2016
By Mweedn
I have looked months for a wallet, not a clutch, in leather with RFID protection and finally this Stealth Mode wallet exactly fit my search. The quality construction and stitching of this wallet (no loose threads) translates into many years of use for me. It is perfect in my opinion, having multiple bill sized compartments for money and receipts, as well as, a middle zippered compartment for coins, 14 snug card slots, 2 for visible photo ID display, all with RF protection against ID theft.

I love this wallet!

 on November 10, 2017
By mountain girl
I carry many credit cards, business cards, receipts, cash in bills and coins. Tried many wallets, looking for the one that offered the best organization and least bulk. This wallet does an awesome job of both, and the leather has a lovely smooth feel. I keep my often used cards, cash, checks to deposit and receipts to file in the first section. The other sections stay securely snapped shut, but are very easily accessed when I need them with opening or closing the one snap. I couldn’t be more pleased with the materials, organization, and price value of this wallet.

Peace of mind from those who wish to do harm stealing identity.

 on September 6, 2016
By Shirlj
My new wallet is exactly everything I needed to organize credit cards taking advantage of this technology to ward off identity theft.

I would recommend it to everyone

 on July 20, 2016
By no name
It has lots of room for cards and it makes me feel protected especially since someone lifted some money from my bank account on my unprotected card. I would recommend it to everyone. It is thin and not bulky, very nice.

Love this wallet!

 on September 5, 2016
By Rosemary Avery
This wallet is really great. The only complaint is that everything is so tight but that’s because I have not broke it in yet. It is compact but carries everything I want in it. I am extremely pleased it is exactly what they described at Amazon. It fits in my purse perfectly. Great buy for the money & it is much better than my old wallet. I feel that my ID & credit cards are safe.

Good quality leather wallet

 on April 16, 2018
By Kristina Koutlas
Awesome! Came packaged very nice. Durable looking leather is my first impression. $6.99? Wow! I agree with another review that the coin section should be on the outside though. This also has 2 I’d slots…no more removing my transit pass!

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