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Women PurseWomen Purse is a website about Women and Purses, hence Women-Purse.com. I have met many women in my life. Some of the women I have been fortunate to meet have been family, some have been friends, others have been acquaintances, while some have been girl friends and lovers. One thing that I have noticed about the vast majority of all the women that I have met is, they love purses, handbags, pocketbooks, and fashionable bags. Even the fashionably challenged woman will get excited about a ‘cute’ bag, ‘unique’ purse, or designer a pocketbook.

Women Purse is dedicated to showcasing women purses and related information. From very inexpensive to ultra high-end, from very small to very large, Woman Purse will cover the full spectrum of woman’s purses, bags and pocketbooks. We will display, provide information and a touch of opinion about woman’s bags. The website will also post information about the purse maintenance, helpful tips and interesting information about women’s purses. The opinion will be offered ‘From the Man’s Eye’. The opinions will be based on a man’s view.

When possible Woman Purse will provide information about where to find and/or purchase the purses we showcase. We encourage you to comment on our posts and offer your opinions. Get involved. ‘Share’ us with your social networks and visit often. Find us on Twitter at @livingvivacious

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