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This category is about miscellaneous topics related to purses. This category will contain posts about varying topics but all related to purses for women.

Handbag Charm Security Alarm

Handbag Charm Security Alarm

The Handbag Charm Security Alarm  is a fashionable handbag accessory that turns into a personal security alarm. The world can be a …

Hermes Paris Clou de Selle Pouch

 Sometimes I think in French … and listen to old records – from the ’60s, they’re way more authentic ….

→ March 14, 2013

Purse Hooks

The Purse Hook by Kilofly

Kilofly Purse Hook [Set of 8] The purse hook is a very useful and ingenious device. Never have to put your purses …

purse quote - Chanel Flap Bag Red

Chanel is composed of only a few elements, white camellias, quilted bags and Austrian doorman’s jackets, pearls, chains, shoes with black toes. I use these elements like notes to play with

→ March 8, 2013

The Handbag - History

Handbag History – A Summary

Women’s handbag history is very interesting. A handbag or purse  is a necessity for a modern woman, and many women feel completely …

No woman I know could ever be a terrorist. Put a bomb in a Gucci bag? Oh, no way!  — Joan Rivers

→ February 23, 2013