Inside My Purse – Contents of a Women’s Purse

Inside My Purse

by Candy Statts

Created on: April 19, 2008

There is a realm no man would dare to go;

Inside my purse you glimpse my heart and soul.

Several post-its, indescribable, past their prime,

A paperback or two to read, if I find the time.

Tubes of lipstick, not my color, but what a buy,

A coupon or two for things I want to try.

A wallet, showing signs of the stress I feel,

Each time I open it and see my coins revealed.

Things of interest, ripped from magazines,

Newspaper articles about someone else’s dreams.

Never a pen, when I need one, unless it has no ink,

Despite what my friends feel, there is no kitchen sink.

What’s in my purse, you might not want to know;

It is a brave person who into its depths will go.

Inside My Purse

From the Man’s Eye:

A woman’s purse is a place a man is taught, from an early age, that he has no business. Inside My Purse is an interesting spin on why men have no business inside a woman’s purse. The poem illustrates the quirky and unique nature of the things different women carry in their purses. Purses are officially the ‘no man zone’. It’s probably best that way.

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