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Unique designer purses are wonderful when you can find one that is stylish, affordable and truly unique. Miche Purses is a company you need to know if your looking for truly unique designer purses. Miche purses are  interchangeable purses. This means that one handbag can be used with several different ‘style shells’. The style shells are what is used to change the color, pattern and/or print for your purse. You can also add accessories such as handles, wallets, purse charms, and coin purses. Each add on accessory can be color coordinated to match your Miche purse shells. There are unlimited ways that you can make your Miche purse uniquely yours.  Unique designer purses by Miche save time and money so it is an all-win situation.

unique designer purses

With just 3 quick steps, you can own one of the most unique designer purses.

Step One {Base Bags} Select A Miche Base Bag. Select one of the 4 sizes of Miche Base Bags, Classic, Petite, Demi, and the Prima. When you’ve selected your Base Bag, you’re ready to begin browsing all of the shell styles, to match your personality or outfits.

Step Two {Shells} Select A Miche Bag Shell. Miche has so many style purse shells to select from, you’ll always find a shell that fits your mood, style, or outfit. Our shell designers continually design unique and stylish shells of all colors and sizes. With our Miche Handbags, you will truly have unlimited potential with just one bag.

Step Three {Wallets & Accessories} Select Your Accessories. Let the fun begin! Now select from dozens of add on accessories the style up a bag that is as just as unique as you! Add accessories such as Handles, Wallets, Purse Charms, Coin Purses, and Closet Organizers. Each add on accessory can be color coordinated to match your Miche purse shells.

Visit Miche Purses

Visit Miche Purses

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