eBags Piazza Day Bag – Utility Bag

eBags Piazza Day BageBags Piazza Day Bag features:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Zippered opening on the main compartment allows for easy access into the main compartment
  • Inside are two blouse-pockets with elastic tops.
  • Zippered wall pocket
  • Front flap zippered pocket
  • Fleece lining on the outside panel

The eBags Piazza Day Bag has all of the makings of a fast getaway. Sleek styling for strolling the park or headed out for noonday gym sessions, this is the perfect companion bag. This day bag is versatile, stylish, and a great bag for travel or fun. The eBags Piazza Day Bag adds organization and security to any outing. This day bag is super practical and is similar to a backpack in it’s functionality. It’s functionality far out-weights it’s style and the eBags Piazza Day Bag is not lacking in style. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and compartments that are perfect for holding cameras, glasses or other bulky items. It is relatively stain and moisture resistant due to it being constructed of nylon material. This also makes it easy to keep clean and look fresh. The eBags Piazza Day Bag come in a plethora of colors including; black, chili, eggplant, sunset (pictured above), espresso, navy and sandstone.

eBags Piazza Day Bag ($32) at Amazon.com


 eBags Piazza Day Bag Review:

After only ONE day at Disney I was tired of dragging around a heavy bag, my water bottle and assorted “must haves” that cluttered my handbag and made it unwieldy on the rides and such. I came home and immediately looked for something better and found it in this bag. It weighs next to nothing, the strap can also go across the body-alleviating shoulder pain- it is EXTREMELY durable and sturdy, holds all of my “treasures” AND has special easy to reach pockets for the water bottle and cell or iPod. It is well constructed and has a lifetime warranty (which I loved). I started using it right away to “try it out” because our next vacation is coming up fast and I want something lightweight and easy. I have not stopped using it yet! If this is what you want in a bag, this is THE choice. Lots of easy, zippered pockets that fit all sorts if items, AND it looks nice to boot!

By Andrea Duggan  Amazon Verified Purchase


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