How to Care for Leather Purses

You spent a lot of money for your leather purses and you want them to last you a long time and still look very good. You need to know how to care for leather purses properly. Learning how to properly care for leather purses can save you a lot of money and help you grow your collection of quality purses and handbags. If you have had your leather purse for a few years and you use it regularly, there is a good chance that it is time for some TLC!

Care for leather purses: Signs that some care is needed

Care for leather purses is needed when you notice that your purse has noticeable stains. It is best to promptly wipe off all excess material that can potentially stain your leather purse. Leather is animal hide and it will absorb liquids or moisture. You want to try to avoid any permanent staining. Over time, you may get minor stains, like pen marks, from general wear and tear. When you began to notice them without looking for them, its maybe time for some purse care. Care for leather purses is need when your leather begins to feel ‘dry’ and stiff. Leather should be pliable. If your handbag or purse leather is stiff and ‘dry’, it may crack. You don’t want your fine leather purses to start cracking! Care for leather purses is needed when you notice discoloration and roughness around the edges of your purse. This usually happens when the leather is scrapped against something and it scrapes the layer of the leather that has been dyed, exposing the raw hide beneath.

The following video will give you a good overview of how to care for leather purses.


Care for Leather Purses - Leather Care KitCare for Leather Purses - Leather Care Kit

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