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OGIO  Hobo Bag – Icon Army

OGIO Hobo Bag
Icon Army

The OGIO Hobo Bag is a good bag to own. It is a practical handbag that can be used along side a variety of casual outfits. This hobo bag is fairly large and has pockets for all of your miscellaneous items. The OGIO Hobo Bag comes in two varieties Icon Army (pictured above) and Alpaca (pictured below). Though I can’t figure out what the reasoning is behind the names, the two variation are both well constructed and perfect for carrying when you need a larger bag for a casual day or evening out and about. These hand bags are very affordable so you can get yourself one of each style. You can get your own OGIO Hobo Bag at Amazon.com ($22.99)

OGIO Hobo Bag features:

  • Acrylic yarn (Alpaca)
  • Debossed suede (Icon Army)
  • Large main compartment. Pocket for cell phone and keys. Satin lined interior
  • Dimensions: 13″h x 12″w x 5.5″d. Capacity: 600 cu.in./9.8L. Weight: 0.6 lbs./0.27kg
  • Bags not intended primarily for use by children 12 and under

OGIO  Hobo Bag – Alpaca

OGIO Hobo Bag

OGIO Hobo Bag review:

I love big slouchy bucket or hobo style bags because I carry lots of random things; the usual keys, makeup, phone, wallet, but then add in my garmin, gym pass, altoids, office keys, etc, This bag arrived larger than anticipated and the fabric is a very nice pattern of black-on-black. Its the perfect size, can even swallow my kindle or paperback with ease. The fabric feels more cottony, even thought its said to be an acrylic blend. It feels super-soft, so I am hoping it holds up well over time with daily use. There is no zipper closure, it just hangs open a bit too much for my comfort – will probably be adding a button or magnetic clasp.

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