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Roll out the red carpet of the 2013 Oscar Awards Purses

2013 Oscar Awards Purses red carpet

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This is just a few of the purses that where seen at the 2013 Oscar Awards . 2013 Oscar Awards  purses looked good. They were mostly clutch purses, which is to be expected because of the formal attire that was being worn. All the celebrities came out in their designer dresses so you know that the purses and other accessories had to be up to par.

Black clutch purses:

Many celebrities carried the black box clutch for the 2013 Oscar Awards. There were smooth leather box clutches as well as crystal encrusted clutches which were classic, understated and very elegant. Black is almost always a safe choice for a clutch.

Neutral purses:

Neutral hard box clutches were plentiful at the 2013 Oscar Awards red carpet. Many of the stars carried satin or crystal clutches in soft hues of beige, cream or tan. These neutral handbags tended to be over shadowed by sparkling dresses and accessories.

Totally tonal purses:

Several celebrities walked the red carpet at the 2013 Oscar Awards carrying small box clutches which were the same color as their dresses. This made the handbag blend into the ensemble. It was a bit harder to see the bead-work, crystals and other design details on the various  clutches.

Sparkling purses:

There were a few celebrities that  carried sparkling silver and gold hard box clutches to the 2013 Oscar Awards, but they were a minority. This may have turned out to be a good choice since so many others avoided these kinds of purses.


From the Man’s Eye:

Overall, 2013 Oscar Awards purses where very nice. Nothing to outlandish, ugly or inappropriate. Most men probably didn’t even look at the red carpet media frenzy for the 2013 Oscar Awards! The 2013 Oscar Awards purses were nice, right along with the gowns and men like nicely dressed women. So overall, good job ladies.


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