Chocolate Handbags Gallery

Chocolate HandbagsThis is a vendor showcase of sorts. Found this shop that sells very affordable handbags. They are called Chocolate Handbags. Chocolate Handbags specializes in synthetic leather handbags and small accessories. They are a trendy, classy, yet clean line that is fairly new in the handbag scene.Chocolate handbags has been around for 5 years. They have a nice variety of of handbags and they their website is very organized. The handbags have a special combination of value and an unique point of view. Chocolate Handbags represent the confidence and individuality of today’s women. I liked the fact that they offered some freebies, like t-shirts… we all like to get something free and it makes us a little more willing to spend our money! The website is easy to navigate.  and the handbags are broken down into categories to allow you to quickly get to what your looking for. The only negative I noticed was that they didn’t offer larger images of their handbags, different shots of the handbags or allow zooming in on the handbags. Price are very reasonable, ranging from $40 to $125 retail. Chocolate Handbags has showrooms in Los Angeles and New York if you happen to be in one of those areas.

Below is a gallery of some of the handbags that Chocolate Handbags offers. There style is unique and trendy. Have a look through the gallery below …. Rate the bags… it’s a simple up/down rating… If you see something you like you can get all these bags HERE.

Chocolate Handbags Gallery

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From the Man’s Eye:

Chocolate Handbags seems like a great place for woman to get trendy handbags at reasonable prices. As a man, I would not attempt to buy a handbag for a woman from here unless she was very trendy. There are a lot of great bags but I think men do better staying with more classic styles when choosing handbags for women. With trendier things there is more room to miscalculate, buying a purse that is outside of a particular woman’s taste, age or style of dress.

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