Rainy Day Handbags – Avoid Water Damage

rainy day handbags
Great rainy day handbag. It has metal studs but they are anchored in plastic, avoiding moisture to sit

Choosing rainy day handbags is very important. Some handbags and purses are not well suited for rainy days. A rainy day handbag is one that is able to resist moisture. A rainy day handbag does not have to be totally water resistant. A rainy day handbag is one that is resistant enough to avoid water damage, damage to your clothing or damage to the things inside of your handbag.

Rainy Day Handbags to avoid

  • Avoid handbags and purses that are made of very soft and supple leather. Theses purses tend to absorb water which can create water-staining. If allowed to get too wet, a soft-leather bag and be really damaged.
  • Avoid heavily dyed Handbags and purses. Depending on the leather or fabric and the coloring method used there could be some dye that bleeds into another color. This is a problem with many handbags that have multiple colors. If saturated enough, dye can even ruin your coat or clothing.
  • Avoid handbags and purses that are decorated with lots of metal studs, buttons or other metal accents. Moisture finds every crevice and even when your bag may appear to be fully dry, often there is still moisture in hidden areas. When you have metal accents and decorations moisture can cause rusting or corrosion.
  • Avoid handbags and purses that are made of cloth or fabric. Fabric is very absorbent and can quickly get soaked enough that your belongings inside the bag can get wet. Depending on the fabric and the coloring method used there could even be some dye that bleeds into another color.
  • Avoid handbags made of suede. Water can severely stain suede and can cause the ‘nap’ of your suede handbag become very unsightly.

Best Rainy Day Handbags

The best rainy day handbags are handbags made from man-made materials, harder leathers, patent leather and some fabrics like nylon. Other fabrics that have been treated to be water resistant perform modestly and usually don’t maintain their resistance to water very long.

  • Handbags made of man-made materials are usually some blend of leather or fabric and plastic or vinyl. The blend varies depending upon the desired look and texture, but it is usually a large majority of plastic or vinyl in the composition. These handbags are very water resistant because of the basics characteristics of plastics. Because man-made materials are often colored in the manufacturing process and not dyed, they hold their color well and resist color-bleeding.
  • Handbags made of harder leathers do a good job repelling water. They don’t absorb water as quickly as soft leather. Harder leathers are often treated for stain and water resistance treated You don’t want to let any leather bag get saturated or extremely wet but, harder leathers are better than softer leathers in wet conditions. Patent leather is a great handbag for rainy weather. It is water repellant.
  • Nylon and some treated fabrics are the least of this group but they are suitable to carry in the rain. They are moderately water resistant and if they do get excessively wet they can usually be let to dry without any damage.

You pay a lot for your handbags and purses so don’t mess them up by exposing them to conditions that can damage them. Knowing which handbags to use as rainy day handbags can help you preserve your precious purses and save you a lot of money. You should have a few rainy day handbags in your collection. Rainy days are enviable and your going to want to carry your purse. Understanding rainy day handbags can help you remain fabulous, even on a rainy day

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